Toast to Ernest Shackleton’s Birthday

Posted By Charlie on February 15, 2012

´╗┐February 15th will mark Ernest Shackleton’s 137th birthday!

Toast the famed explorer with his favorite whisky, Mackinlay’s Rare Old HIghland Malt! In 1907, Irish-born explorer Ernest Shackleton, in preparation for his Nimrod expedition to the South Pole, shipped himself 25 crates of Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt. The expedition went awry and three of the whisky crates were abandoned in Antarctica along with the belongings Shackleton and his crew left behind.

A century later, the whisky was uncovered by the New Zealand Antarcitc Heritage Trust and sent to Scotland where Whyte and Mackay’s Master Distiller Richard Paterson recreated the whisky.


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  1. Julie Wild says:

    Frank Wild was 2nd in charge on this expedition…and yesterday in Melbourne, Australia, Frank Wild’s niece, Joyce, and her children had a toast to Frankie Boy from a replicated bottle of McKinlay’s Whisky and it was very nice! Frank Wild’s ashes have now been interred (November 2011) next to Sir Ernest Shackleton’s grave in Grytviken, South Georgia – so together again at last!! They both look south out to sea.

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